Sunday, 27 February 2011

My Need to go to Primark...

Primark have some really good stuff in at the moment. Chinos are very in this spring, and they have been in for a while, with topman leading the pack with the selling. I have a pair of Topman chinos in blue, which I have had since Octoberish, which were £28. But when I was down in Portsmouth on Wednesday, I briefly popped into Primark, where I found a pair of mustardy coloured chinos for just £7! BARGAIN, and very in for spring. But unfortunately, I had to catch a train, so I was unable to buy.

So I really need to take a trip to Primark, but unfortunately, the nearest one to me is atleast 30 minutes away, as I can not drive yet, I would be going out of my way to get there. But I really need to get there!

Primark is normally really good for on the minute treads, and cheap prices, but some of the items can be a bit iffy, and you have to get there early, before the place gets packed. And unfortunately, they do not have an online shop, which I would be happy to purchase from.

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