Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Got my new glasses!

Yesterday I went to pick up my glasses from specsavers that I ordered after my eye test on the 22/02/11. My appointment was at 2pm, and I got there a little early, but I went straight to the reception desk and I was seen straight away. I was taken to the place where I was to try my glasses, and tried them on. They were a big improvement on my previous glasses, and could see my better. After this I just had to sign one more thing and the glasses were mine.The assistant asked me a few question just to make sure that they fitted and that I could see and I was on my way. This was a very quick meeting, and was out before 2pm! RESULT.
Here follows some pictures of my chosen glasses.

My new glasses are more 'square' than my old ones, and have thicker arms, but there is no other difference, expect the prescription! One thing I found strange was that when I got my glasses, they gave me them in a Quiksilver case, when my glasses were RedorDead! lol


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