Friday, 18 March 2011

Comic Relief

Comic Relief and Children and Need are one of the best nights of British telly. These shows and appeals, make me proud to be British.

Over the years, they have raised so much money for the UK and Africa, they are turely good causes. In the UK, everyone gets behind these event, to raise as much money as possible. And only an hour into tonights show, the British public have already raised near £6 million.

The UK really gets behind these event, schools all over the country have mufti days, and donate money, and businesses get in the sprit.

I love how the UK can be so generous, and even in hard economic times, we still help those who are less well-off. I don't know if other countries do these type of shows, but the UK really out sells itself with our willingness to give. And ofcourse, its a great night of comedy, for a good cause.

The show is on right now! BBC1


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