Wednesday, 31 July 2013


So yeah, I haven't done a post on here in a while, not that anyone read this blog anyway.
I though I would do a little follow up post for my latest video on my youtube channel, Styling Brogues.

Hope you enjoyed a few extra snaps from the video and enjoyed the vie-de-o too :)

Over and Out. Matt.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nivea for Men Shaving Foam

Well, Hello!

Since I first dabbled in shaving foam/ cream a few months ago, I know, I didn't use it before, I surrender! I have been on the look out for a new one to try, since my first love, Red Herring's Shaving Cream is nearing the end of its life, plus I was off, back to uni. So a few weeks ago I popped into Boots to see the selection they offered. I never knew these kinds of things were so pricey! So, as you do, I selected the cheapest, which happened to be by Nivea for Men. A range which I had never tried before, which is no surprise, as I'm not really one for skincare.
So enough of the background, onto the product. In Boots this retails for £2.99, but as sods law would have it, a trip later that day to my local Wilko's saw they had it for just £1, typical. This actually did annoy me somewhat. But still, not a bad price point considering the alternatives and considering its size, 200ml, pretty hefty

I rather like the packaging too, clean and fresh, everything that the Nivea brand stands for, with out being too 'look at me'.
The product, a lot does 'squirt' out with just one pump (see picture 3), enough for two rounds I would say. So this reads to some wastage. Not sure if this is just a fault with my product though, as my pump was quite stiff and some force had to be used. The product allows you to glide along with the razor with little or no irritation. But, I would say it isn't the closest of shaves.

All in all, the product is good for what it does, but having said this, I have only tried two shaving foams. Although there is quite a bit of product wastage, I would recommend  having a wurl, and for a pound in Wilkos, why not?

Adios amigos!

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Body Shop SALE!

I am a lover of The Body Shop, and it is a great place to by gift for birthdays, or really anything! Since its my Mum's Birthday in a few weeks, she hinted, if ever so slightly, The Body Shop had a sale on. This meant that she would like some stuff from there for her Birthday. A son can always read his mothers signs!

The Body Shop always have GREAT sales. And my Mum is partial to their 'Shower Gels', which she uses as bubble baths, and they work just the same!

The deal I went for was to get three shower gels for £8, and considering they are normally £4 each, you are basically getting one free! DEAL DONE!

I chose the scents, Satsuma, Morigna and Strawberry. Of which Morigna is my Mum's favourite, and Satsuma is mine!
And because the ethics of The Body Shop is truely outstanding, it is a place that we have shopped in for years, and will continue to shop in for many to come!

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

YOUTUBE GIVEAWAY | Topman Topshop and more! UK ONLY

If you arn't subscribed to my Youtube channel, you will have to be to enter this giveaway for a chance to win a £20 gift card for the Arcadia Group stores (Burtons, Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Topman, Topshop and Wallis).

Heres the video with all the low down...

Friday, 11 May 2012

Two songs that I can't stop playing!

Oh hey, long time no post!

Very very quick post, as I just wanted to share two of my favourite songs of the moment.

So here you gogo... Primadonna (Marina and the Diamonds) and Where we used to run (Landon Austin).

They are both quite different songs, Primandonna, in my eyes, is quite techo (I am no good at classifying music in genres), where Where we used to run is more focused on the guitar.

I was OBSESSED with Marina's first album, when I was first hooked by Hollywood, then Oh No! and I am not a Robot. But having said that, Primadonna is now my favourite song of hers.

I was first introduced to Landon Austin by the YouTuber Missglammorazi. She used the song, of which now I'm hooked on, Where we used to run as a backing track for her video montage of her trip to New York.

Decided for youself if you like them here, by watching their videos:
What are you favourite songs of the momento?

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Spring Summer Style | Coloured Shorts

A trend that is going to be big this year is coloured shorts and trousers for the Spring and Summer, which I'm personally LOVING!
So I though I would do a blog post/ video on! (The video you can watch here)

Thanks for reading!
What to know where everything is from? Check the video! :)

Friday, 16 March 2012

Levis and Chino

This is my outfit from the 14/03/2012, what I wore going to lectures and university!
Hope you enjoy! :)

I also made a video on this, you can watch if you wish! :)

Hope you enjoyed!
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Thanks, Matt :)