Monday, 19 September 2011

Here is the latest videos from my You Tube Channel

I haven't updated my YouTube channel on my Blog for a while, so here is my latest videos, from the most recent to the least. :)

Pretty Long huh?

Videos and Posts will be few and far between at the moment, as I am moving to Uni! Hope you understand
Enjoy! :)

Matt :)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Caffe Nero Vs Costa

Which one do you think I like best?

Well today confirmed my view.

As I was in town, which has 4 Costas,and One Caffe Nero. I decided I was a "Iced Cooler" as they call it in Costa, but as today is the 1st of Septmeber, Costa no longer offer this drink, as it was for the summer. So I decided to stroll down to Caffe Nero to see what they had on offer, because I wanted a fruit drink.

But the "Fruit Boosters", what Nero call there fruit based drink, are a little different to the Costa verson. One, you have to take the drink out of the fridge thing, and take it to the till, where the Barista will mix it for you. Where as Costa will make you the drink, with no effort involved.

Two, the Nero Fruit Boosters, I think, are more yogurty (yeah, I make up words), even though they are dairy free, but they taste yogurt based, with a much weeker taste. And Costas are more tangy and with a little bit more of a kick. Much prefered.

As you can see from my opinion, out of the two, Nero Vs Costa, I much prefer Costas answer to the fruit ice drink. I also like the Eat verson of the drink, but my town doesn't have an Eat, but I have had that drink twice at Edinburgh Airport and in London (Near Abercrombie). Eat and Costa are on par.

But, Pret wins hands down for its Hot Chocolate, but thats another story. And I will be getting into Hot Chocolate more as Autumn and Winter approach.

Shh...Happy Blogging.

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Haul of Randomness

I went to town today, and thought I would share what I brought. Its a bit lame, thats why I am not doing a video on my YouTube channel about this trip to town. Its all from Poundland (Big spender! but I like bargains!) and one thing from Wilkinson. Its all essential, basic things really, that why it is not that interesting, so no video.

Yeah, I get motion sickness. Tasty.
I'm so cheap, £1 fragrance, lol I wanted something cheap, and it smells alright!

See, told you it where lame, happy blogging! :)

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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Another Random Vlog

Outfit of the Day 30/08/2011

Helping me through my cold!

I have a cold.

Such Fun (Miranda reference)

I know I have done a video about my top tips for hayfever, link to my youtube channel where you will find that video. LINK HERE
My I have rediscovered this product:
Taken from my Blackberry, quality surprisingly good!
This product lets me breathe! I can't remember if I said in the video that this wasn't as good as another Vick Sinex product, but it does the trick for me at the moment! :)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cambridge Hollister Haul

On Bank Holiday Monday (August) my family decided we were going to go on a bit of a road trip, and chose the city of Cambridge to visit. We had been to the centre of Cambridge once before, where it rained, but luckily it didn't rain on this trip, rare for a bank holiday! I really like the city of Cambridge, but sorry I'm a Oxford boy at heart, and I much prefer the city of Oxford, and always route for them in the boat race, maybe its because I only like 30 minutes away from Oxford, and have grown up visiting the city all my life.

But in terms of shopping, Cambridge wins hands down on the choice available.

On Monday we went to Newmarket Road Park and Ride, where the parking is free (Something that is changing in all Oxford Park and Rides, except Thornhill, where charging will be introduced soon), the bus ticket was £2.70, if brought on the bus, but £2.40 if brought at the machine prior to boarding. But, Mum didn't have any change, typical, so we brought the ticket on the bus. The journey, just 12 minutes into the city.

We alighted at the city centre, at the bus station which is next to the new-ish Grand Arcade shopping centre, which has one of my favourite shops in, Hollister. When in Cambridge... go to Hollister?

Watch my Hollister haul to know what I brought:

I have only been in two Hollister's in my life, before Cambridge, the Westfield London store and the Milton Keynes store, but now I can add Cambridge to my list. Now I might be mistaken, but I know that the MK store has only one floor, but I'm sure the Westfield store only has one too. But I think Hollister missed an opportunity, both the MK and Westfield store could have easily been two stories. The MK store used to be a Zavvi store, and before that a Virgin Megastore, and that had a second floor.

Anywho.. the Cambridge store had a nice feature, a two story screen at the back of the store with the Huntington Beach live link, I know this in all stores, on each side of the till, where the changing rooms are, but the Cambridge store had it in the normal location, and also the screen spanning the two floors. On the Second floor, the till and the changing rooms were located, but also more clothes, and where the fragrances are located.

And a few of Cambridge:

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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Outfit of the Day 26/08/2011

Random VLog

University, not long now!


So today, its Saturday 27th August, this means its exactly one month until I go off to uni. I can't believe how quickly i has come around.  I mean, this summer has gone ridiculously fast, even though it has been a pretty long summer holiday. I haven't wasted my time, although I could have done a lot more in the time I had, and there is still a lot of stuff for me to do before I go to university, and I am even going on another mini holiday again, this time to Ireland, and thats in two weeks! I have still got to figure out what I need to take, although I have brought a lot of stuff, I just really need to sort out the clothes, books and pens and stuff I need. I should start that soon, I really don't want it to be the last week and me panicking.

But I have been keeping uptodate with my YouTube, and quite proud that I have been able to upload at least one video a day in this past week, and some days two videos.

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I really can't believe how quick this summer has gone, and I will soon be at my Uni. I will be keeping this blog updated, but I don't know how regularly I will be able to update YouTube though.

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Friday, 19 August 2011

DISAPPOINTED with Forever21 Oxfod Street.

Hopes were high as I entered the NEW Forever 21 store on Oxford Street, but to my disappointed, this store did not sport the 21Men section of the Forever 21 brand, unlike the Birmingham store. I was looking forward to seeing the section, but will have to wait for another time.

Saturday, 30 July 2011


Just a quick post, just to let you know that on Thursday 28th July Forever 21 on Oxford Street opened its doors. I am very excited! I will be visiting the store when I go up to London in a few weeks. Next door to the new Forever 21, Desigual, a Spanish brand opened. I have heard of Desigual before, but I find their clothes, A, Expensive, and B, Werid. They do already have two stores in London, one on Regents Street and one in Westfield, and I have been in the outlet store in Bicester village and the one at Westfield, but I find their clothes a little odd, and very overpriced, but ho hum. I do not feel that way with Forever 21, as you know I have brought a coat from there!

Forever 21 is also opening 3 more stores in the London area in the near future. One will open at the new Westfield Stratford in early September when the centre opens to the public, in a store much bigger tan the 3 story store in the old HMV on Oxford Street. Two more stores will also be opening in the Lakeside and Bluewater shopping centres.

My trip to Edinburgh, with Ear Drama!

Different kind of review today. From Wednesday the 13th to Monday the 18th of July I went to Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh. I went to the city with two friends, one of with lives down south with me, and one that lives up in the Highlands of Scotland. We 'did' this trip as an end of school trip. We went from Wednesday 13th till Monday 18th of July, so 6 days and 5 nights. Me and the friend from 'the south' flew out of Luton airport on the Wednesday morning, I forget which time. We got to the airport nice and early, but we already had the boarding passes, as we had checked-in online, with Easyjet, travelling in class! When going to Luton in the morning, be prepared to hit traffic, because this is the busiest time of the day for the airport. We got dropped of in the 'drop off' area in the car park next to the runway, and headed to the terminal via the free bus service from the car park, which took under 5 mins. We then made are way to security, bypassing  check-in. Thank god we did check-in online, the queues were huge! We got through security, fairly quickly, although we did have to WALK up the stairs with luggage, due to the escalators being out of use. And yes, we were taking luggage on the plane, like most people who fly within Europe on the budget airliners.

When we got to departures, we went to find something to eat, due to the lack of breakfast before setting off! We failed in getting food, but we did get a drink from Pret. We then headed to Boots, to get some mints for the flight, I got some polos. While in Boots, our flight was called. Which I found strange, because the last time I flew from Luton, 2 years ago, it was a quite airport, I swear. Anyway, we headed off to our gate, 16 I think to board the hour flight.

We touchdown in Edinburgh to an overcast sky. We went through the airport, with no security checks, to outside the terminal to the 'bus station' area. When the brought a ticket from the Airlink bus, which took you straight to Princes Street, in the heart of the City. The ticket cost around £6 one way, for the 30 minute bus ride into the city. We met out friend at the Princes Street Mall, after he got lost on the trip from Waverly Station (which is next door to the Princes Street Mall!), so I do not know how he got lost, but there we go! Anyway, we had lunch (early lunch!) in the food court there, when I had the very Scottish and healthy McDonalds. When the headed off to look around the city, with our suitcases, as it was around 11 and check in at the Travelodge, yes a travelodge, very posh! lol, didn't open till 2. So we mingled around Princes Street Gardens, and the long walk down the Royal Mile, which is Edinburgh's High Street, but Princes Street is where the main shops are located, to the Parliament building, which is very iconic! The Parliament is next to Arthur's Seat, an extinct volcano, which towers over the city. We headed up there after we checked into our hotel. And by gosh, its a long way up, but way worth the view! (pictures at the end)

After our long walk up, and then back down Athur's Seat, it was time for dinner, at Pizza Express, which was Nomable ;). After this, we headed back to the hotel, for a quick rest break, and then we headed out to experience the city at night. On our first day we decided to visit a few pubs down Rose's Street, which is in the New Town, one street back from Princes Street. There are some really nice pubs down this street, we went to two. The first one, I forget the name didn't really do it for us, and we sat outside with our pint. A women came up to us, and she was asking for money for a charity. We got talking to her, and we found out she was from the same town we lived in! And her mum worked at the hospital where we were born! Freaky, we gave her some money, and she gave us three truffles, which were scrummy. After this pub, we went passed a second pub, called the Rose and Crown, which live music playing, a duet called Bleeker, which played covers, but they were really good! So good infact, we went back on Sunday, and we got two free CDs, we got talking to them too, they were so nice. If you want to check them out, here they are on facebook, and they play at the Rose and Crown every Wednesday and Sunday from 7pm or 8pm. After a enjoyable night singing along, and after a draining day, we did get up at 5:30! we decided to get back to the hotel and relax, and then sleep! Dead out!

As was Wednesday, Thursday was another hot and sunny day, yes it was HOT and Sunny in Edinburgh! There were reports from down south while we were there that it had been raining! Ha! So we decided to head to the Castle, we got there for 12, so we could see the 1 o'clock gunshot, which well, was loud! The castle was beautiful. We then headed of down to Princes Street, to meander round the shops for a bit, and I had to buy some wrapping paper, as it was my mums birthday the day after we got home. We then decided to head up Calton Hill, at the end of Princes Street. This is where there is a tower, and Scotland's answer to the Parthenon, but half finished. After this we decided to get dinner, at The Filling Station on the Royal Mile, which is an American themed restaurant. We had decided to go to the HMV picturehouse for the night, where they transformed the space on a Thursday into a club. We decided to walk over to see if we could get tickets, instead of getting them when we got there. When we got there, they said that they did not issue tickets before, but they could put us on the VIP list, so that we could get in earlier and at a reduced price, so we did that! And we ended up there from 11pm to 3am, when most of the clubs in Edinburgh shut.
Next day was Friday, was unfortunately not as sunny we would have liked, well it was overcast, typical British summer then! So today we decided to the museums. And today was the day that I sent just over £10! that was for the WHOLE day, food and all, I was very proud. Anyway, we visited two free museums, 'The Museum on the Mound' and the Scottish National Gallery. The museum on the mound is run by the bank RBS, and is like the Bank of England museum in London, but on a much smaller scale. The musuem was very interesting, and even had £1million on display, but unfortunately the notes were void, much to my disappointment.But ho hum. The send place we visited was the National Gallery, which is an art gallery, right in the heart of the city, with paintings from a Van Gogh! And to be honest, that was one of the only artists that I knew, but still! And if I am really honest, I think I prefer more modern art, and the Tate Modern in London. After this we had dinner, and we couldn't decide where to eat, so we headed down to George's Street, and we decided to go to Weatherspoons, how classy! Hey, we're students on a budget! Afterwards, two of us felt ill, so we decided to hit the hay.

Saturday! Already! The weather was worse than Friday, miserable and kinda wet, so today we decided to hit the museums again! We went to the National Museum of Scotland and The Surgeons Museum. The National Museum of Scotland was going under refurbishment when we went, but I understand it is now fully open! So we missed out on Dolly (the Sheep) Dayum! But the museum was interesting, and most importantly Free, and was a shelter from the rain! Afterwards we headed over to the Surgeons Museum, which we kinda of regretted, because of the goriness, and it wasn't free, £5 entrance fee, and to be honest, I don't feel that the museum was worth the £5 price tag, especially when there was way more stuff in the National Museum of Scotland. If you don't want to be freaked out, I would not recommend the museum, as there is rather a lot of human organs in jars, I'll say no more. Saturday was also the day we ventured down to the Hard Rock Cafe! I had been in the Hard Rock Cafe, but only to buy the t-shirt, and not to eat! I'm not going to say much about the experience at the HRC, because I have filmed a video about my experience there, you can view the video here. After eating dinner at HRC, we ventured out for the night, to a club called The Hive, and if I am honest, for me this was the best night of the stay. The Hive is a club just off the Royal Mile, underneath some shops, with a £4 entrance fee. There are 3 rooms, on the night we went, the biggest room had music that is in the charts/ cheese, room number 2 had indie/rock music and the 3rd room had a cocktail bar. There are 3 bars with in the club. And again, like most clubs, it closed at 3am, but during the month of August, The Hive stays open till 5am.

Sunday was a very hot day, and we actually decided to head to the Royal Botanical Gardens, and it was a long trek, 30 minutes plus from our hotel each way. I wanted to go for the picture taking opportunity, and the view back into the city, but some of the garden were really pretty, and it is free to get in! After we spent the afternoon in the gardens, and the park opposite, we headed back into town to have a meal, at a pub/restaurant, very touristy, The World's End. We had dinner early, so we could go a listen to Bleeker again at the Rose and Crown on Rose's Street, which is when we got some free CD's. Bleeker seem to be playing lots of pubs and bars in Edinburgh, so I would recommend to try and go see them. After this, they finished at 11, we went over to the club called Ignite. This is quite a cool place, as it has to clubs in one, I forget the second one, and it had a £5 entrance fee. Downstairs was one club, and upstairs was the second, with a VIP room downstairs. The night we went, the downstairs had the usual mainstream, chart tunes, but the second club, upstairs had 80's and 90's music, and to be honest, we spent most of the time upstairs, doing the Macarena and other various cheesy dances, the send Macarena of the week!

Monday was I final day in Edinburgh, and it was the day we catched the flight back to London Luton. So we decided to visit the zoo, which was located on the bus route back to the airport, so we took the Airlink bus to the zoo and after the zoo, onto the airport. Now the weather today was horrible, and tipping it down with rain, and one of my friends did not have a raincoat, so we had to first find a place that sold raincoats, we checked out Millets first, but he then settled on a coat from Tresspass, I forget the price. After this we then catched the bus off to the zoo, in the rain. The zoo was a little bit disappointing for me, especially the £15 price tag, £13 if you opt out of the charity donation, and especially for the zoo's size, not one of the biggest, and I have been to a fair few zoos in my time. Any, there was still a lot to see and do, well see at least, the do included walking. There are the normal, bog standard animals at Edinburgh Zoo, such as Lemurs, Tigers and Penguins, but there was an animal that is exclusive to Edinburgh Zoo, the Koala Bear, which of what we could see there were two of, but of course they were a sleep and had their backs to us.The zoo is also soon getting two Pandas, but these were not there on our visit, which is a shame. There was also a large Penguin area, the largest I had seen. After we had visited the zoo, we headed of for the around 15-20 minute trip to the Airport, after saying goodbye to our friend from Northern Scotland. After we had gotten through security and into airside, we headed of to find somewhere to eat, we chose 'Eat'. The thing I love about Edinburgh Airport is that all along the wall facing out onto the runway, is a wall of windows, and this is prominate when your airside. Our flight was called and we made our way to boarding, without any long walk!

All was well during the flight, until 15 minutes before landing back a Luton, when the Captain told us we were about to make our final descent into Luton. This is when my ears decided to play up. Throughout the flight I had been eating polos and sweets, as my ears pop a lot during flying. But on this descent, this wasn't about my ears popping, they really, really hurt. The pain was quite unbearable. When we landed, the pain had stopped, but my hearing felt muffled, like I was underwater. This continued for a good while into the week after we got back, but now has stopped. We think the reason for this sensation is due to me having a cold, and this may have affected my ears during the flight. I may be going to Dublin during September, I do not want it to happen then!


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Friday, 29 July 2011

Haul: Getting ready for Uni?!

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Outfit of the Day: 28/07/2011

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Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh Review

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

My top products to beat Hayfever!

Here are some of my top products on how to beat hayfever, they are easly acccessable in the UK, not sure about international. I did not take a picture of Hayfever tablets, but these are my NUMBER ONE top tip on how to beat hayfever. I just got some cheap ones from Tesco, and they work as good as the top brand. I recommend that you start taking the tablets a couple of months before you usually start getting symtoms of hayfever, which helps your immune system to build up.

Here are pictures of my other products:
Sorry about some of the packaging quality.
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Haul Time: London!

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Monday, 27 June 2011

HowTo: Beat Hayfever!

A few tips that I use, to help me overcome hayfever!

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Marks and Spencer's Mens Fragrance Review - Aqua and Blue Energy

A few months ago, I think it was two, before my mini break (read about my mini break and why I was gone for so long here), I went to my local Marks and Spencer, as I was on the hunt for some cheap mens fragrances as I did not want to run out of my Ralph Lauren mini collection ones, which I wrote about in an earlier blog post and also I was nearly out of my Adiddas Ice Dive fragrance. So I went upstairs to the Mens section, where I saw that they had a buy one get one free offer on! I thought great! But, then when I went to the till to pay, because I thought I would get two, if they are on offer, the lady said that the offer was only on other mens body care products, such as shower gels. I went to the stand, and looked at the fine print, and saw that it said 'excludes mens fragrances'. Gutted. But these were cheap fragrances, each only £6 for 30ml, and I think it was only £10 for 100ml on that day, but I am not sure anymore, it may be £20.

The two fragrances that I liked the best was Aqua and Blue Energy, which I brought! :)
Marks and Spencer Aqua

 Marks and Spencer Blue Energy

As you can tell, by looking at the pictures, I prefer the smell of Aqua compaired to Blue Energy. You expect Aqua to have a watery smell, and to me that is what Aqua smells like, very clean and water, exactly what I expected to get from the fragrance. Blue Energy at first was repulsive to me, but now I have grown to like it, I still prefer Aqua. Blue Energy is a very sharpe smelling fragrance.

If you are just starting out your fragrance collection and do not want to spend much money on fragrances to begin with, I recommed the Marks and Spencer fragrances, there are more that just these two. You can buy these in any Marks and Spencer store, and even in some Marks and Spencer Simply Food stores and online.


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Friday, 24 June 2011

Haul: Art?

Little bit of a different haul, art!

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I am back, on here, on youtube and on twitter!

Lets make blogging happen!

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I am BACK!

Hey Hey!

I am back, after a "brief" break from blogging, due to exams and the stress! I have now finished my A2 exams, and have 3 months between now and university, so expect to see a lot more videos and blog posts!

I am just here to say WELCOME BACK! I am just about to post a new blog about some fragrances that I picked up from Marks and Spencers! I know M&S! And I uploaded a video, which you can watch here. I also tried to upload a video today about hayfever relief, but that failed, after a 3 hour upload! Sad Face.

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Happy Blogging..shh

Friday, 6 May 2011

Follow me around Bicester Village? Sort of...

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Thursday, 5 May 2011


I know I have not been posting blog posts that often recently. This is because I am in Year 13, in 6th Form, and its exam time, so my time has been devoted to revision, not that I really need to 'pass' my exams, due to have an unconditional offer for the uni that I want/ am going to in September, but I still want to do well in these exams. Anyway, my last exam is on the 20th June, so after this date I will be able to update, this blog and my youtube on a far more regular basis, since I will practiaclly have nothing to do between then and Septermber!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to upload a video onto my youtube channel. This will be a vog from Monday and Tuesday, about Bicester Village, with a few clips from the 'trip'. I have tried to upload this video about 4 times, the first time it falled when it got to the end, as I was using Windows Live Movie Maker thingy, and it failed or something. But, I tried to upload today, but the uploading was going to take 5 HOURS, and just simply did not have enough time to devote 5 hours for upload.

So tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to upload this, because I have a 5 hour window, where I will be doing revision whilst I upload.

So, sorry about the lake of posts, I will be updating soon!

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Spring/Summer Mens Fashion trends: The Chino Part 2 and Primark Review

I wanted to do these looks in my original The Chino video, but I did not have these chinos then. Last week I went on a misson to find the colour chinos which are in the video (watch and find out) well there mustardy colour, because everyone has been wearing them in 6th form recently, and they are becoming a big trend. So I finally went and got some, I was going to get some in Topman, as they were back in stock on the website again, but I popped into Primark first to see if they did them in there, and they did! £20 cheaper than the topman ones at £8, and you can not tell the difference, except the Primark ones are not as skinny as I would have liked. But they were only £8, you can't bet Primark on price. I went to pay at the check out, there was no Que and no waiting because there was only a few people in the store, because it was only 9:30 in the morning. This quiteness makes a change from the hustle and bussle of the Primark Oxford Street store. I got to the till, the lady scanned the item, and then asked me for £18, I thought 'Huh?' to myself, but only handed her £10. She then said 'It's £18', and I went 'No, look...' pointing at the till display, she went 'Oh! Sorry, early morning', and then charged me the correct amount. I'm not complaining, still cheap as chips, and I saved £20. What to buy next?

Coming Up soon: Marks and Spencers Mens Fragrance Review.


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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Starbucks vs Costa vs Pret?

Which brand do you prefer?

At the moment Costa have an advertising slogan, that says that '7 out of 10 coffee lovers prefer Costa", but is this really true?

In the UK we have a wide range of coffee shops to choose from. The national chains, Starbucks, Costa, Pret, Coffee Republic, Caffe Nero and BB's. And then we have the local independents, which you can depend on for a nice slice of homemade cake. In the town where I live, we had 3 of the major chains, Costa, BB's and Coffee Republic, until recently, Coffee Republic shut up shop. But this is soon to be taken over by a new coffee house, I wonder which one? My hopes are Starbucks! But I doubt it. I went into town last week, and found Caffe Nero is coming! In my town there are soon to be no less than 4 Costa's in operation, one stand allown store, one in On the Run, one in the cinema and one in Tesco, with another stand alone store only 5 miles down the road. All of these are basically on the same street, be it a really long one! Talk about Costa Town! If Costa's claim is anything to go by, the residents of my town have no choice but to get their coffee at Costa.

I do not drink coffee personally, only a Cappuccino if forced, I much prefer a Hot Chocolate, so thats what I am basing my taste test on. Pret comes out top for me, then Costa and then Starbucks, I just do not like their hot chocolate!

So what do you think, are you a tempted by the big chains, or indulged by the independents?



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Monday, 4 April 2011

25 Random Questions Tag

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Friday, 1 April 2011

Body Shop (High Street) Review

On Tuesday, I headed into town, straight to the Body Shop to buy my Mum a Mother's Day present, for this Sunday 3rd April! The Body Shop is normally my first point of call for present for my Mum, because she loves anything Body Shop, and the message that they portray about ethical trading, makes it a good call, becuase they do not test any of their products on animals. And I always know that The Body Shop have some great offers all year round, especially for Mother's Day.

I entered the store, this was around lunchtime on Tuesday, as I entered I was greated by two sales assistants, both cheery, and both said hello, what a nice welcome. The whole store was all about Mother's Day. With some great offers, with gifts for any price range, from £5 to £30 gift sets. I knew what I was going to buy, because I knew that it was one of my mums favourite scents from the store. I headed to the Vanilla section. These product were not on offer, but I didn't mind. I picked up a shower gel, a body lotion and a body mist for my mum. I was going to buy the perfume, but I decided against it, because she already has a few perfumes. As I went over to the section, one of the women who greated me at the door, asked me if I needed any assistance/help. I didnt needed to, so I asked if I could just get these please. So she took me to the till.

At the till I asked if they had any gift bags, she showed me the bags that they had on offer, and the prices that they cost. She then told me that they had a free gift wrap service. I decided to settle for the free gift wrap, where they wrap the items in a clear plastic sheet, with a ribbon, which came in one of three colours. I chose green, but thinking, may be I should have chosen pink to go with the bag and card I got, but as Noah and the Whale would save L I F E G O E S O N.

I paid, and then left the shop, as the assistant said goodbye! The experience was really good, and I always have a good experience in the shop filled world of the Body Shop!

If you follow @TheBodyShopUK on twitter, they have the latest news on all the offers online and instore!


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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Boss Bottled Review

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of blogging! But I am back, so follow me!

Today I am reviewing, a Hugo Boss Fragrance for men, Boss Bottled.

I really like this fragrance, as you can see by how much has been used! It is very light and can been worn at any time of the year, day or night, I feel. I am not going to try to explain the smell, because I would be useless, and there is more detail and better explanations on the web.


Sorry this was so short! I went ot the Body Shop today to buy a Mother's Day prezzy, I will blog about my experience soon! Also a blog on my new Video Camera!

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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2011

Sorry there hasn't been a post in a while! :)

Mother's Day in the UK is on the 3rd April 2011! Don't forget!

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Friday, 18 March 2011

Comic Relief

Comic Relief and Children and Need are one of the best nights of British telly. These shows and appeals, make me proud to be British.

Over the years, they have raised so much money for the UK and Africa, they are turely good causes. In the UK, everyone gets behind these event, to raise as much money as possible. And only an hour into tonights show, the British public have already raised near £6 million.

The UK really gets behind these event, schools all over the country have mufti days, and donate money, and businesses get in the sprit.

I love how the UK can be so generous, and even in hard economic times, we still help those who are less well-off. I don't know if other countries do these type of shows, but the UK really out sells itself with our willingness to give. And ofcourse, its a great night of comedy, for a good cause.

The show is on right now! BBC1


Vlog Post

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Spring/Summer Fashion: The Chino

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Jack Wills Online Review

I am a complete addict to Jack Wills, love love LOVE the store! If you don't know what Jack Wills is, where have you been! Well basically, its the UK's Abercrombie and Fitch, but with a British twist, and a few less heavily branded pieces, and a smaller collection of clothes. They do both mens and womens clothing, but also do home and stationery.

I love the fact, when you first open the site onto the home page, a video, the size of the page starts to play, with this seasons clothes. When I went onto the site, it was Easter 2011. I also love the little touches Jack Wills does, to make their shopping a little more special. For example, you sign up for a free catalogue, what they call a "Handbook", which comes out every season, with about 5-6 handbooks a year. I am waiting for my Easter 2011 right now!

The site is very easy to navigate around, with three clear sections, Ladies, Gentlemen and Homewears. Each of these are set out into different sections, for example, t-shirts and outerwear, very easy to navigate. on each of these, they have 'Get the look', which shows you how to put pieces together to create a good look.

I love shopping with Jack Wills, although, I have never shopped online, but I have brought clothes instore, from the Bicester Outlet store, the Marlow store and the store in London Soho ad in the old Floral Street store, which is now the sister brand, Aubin and Wills, which is a bit older, but I have also brought clothes from them. My favourite store is the new Soho store, which is a bit different to the others, its more modern.

Jack Wills always has sales, every season, this maybe a more affordable way to shop Jack Wills, because they can be quite pricey, for what they are. And if I am honest, I do not feel the quality of the clothes is a good as Hollister or Abercrombie.

But overall, I love the Jack Wills style, although the price points are a bit high.




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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

OOTD 15/03/11

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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Music that I am liking Vlog

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HMV ordering online, its top dog!

Today, I ordered a few things for my brother birthday from HMV online. I always use the HMV site to order things for my brother, whether it be Birthday or Christmas, it is just a great quick and easy site to order from, especially if you have used it before.

I do find the HMV homepage to be a bit cluttered, as there is so many deals and adverts all on the page, but it is great if your are browsing or you know exactly what you want to buy. I knew what I wanted to get, so I used the search bar, which is great, because like Google does, it predicts what its thinks you mean, saving time. Once you have seen what you want to buy, there is a quick one step add to your basket button, so you don't even have to click on the item to add it to your basket. Great!

I found everything I wanted to order for my brothers Birthday, and went to checkout. This is where you can quickly shop, if you are a returning customers, because the site holds all the data that you have previously used, so it is basically one click, type in your security code on the back of your credit/debit card, and then hit order! Easy as one, two, three!

Top Dog to HMV for quick ordering!

And the best bit is that ordering for HMV, they have free delivery, in the UK, and it the UK, they come by Royal Mail. And the things that I have ordered are small enough to fit through the post box, as they come individually, so no nasty, 'Sorry, you were out' slips!

I love using HMV, it is so quick and easy.


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Friday, 11 March 2011

Japanese Earthquake

Watching the Japanese Earthquake today, really puts it in to perspective how fragile our life is on this earth, and how sudden things can change. We have now had tow major earthquakes in the past few weeks, this is a sad time, with so many innocent lives being lost.
The Japanese earthquake was 8.9 magnitude, and was under the sea, out to the east of the Northern part of Japan. This meant that the quake also triggered a tsunami. Thankfully, the tsunami did die down when it hit Hawaii, but who knows what could happen.

We should treasure every minute on this Earth, and try to live our lives to our maximum potential, and treasure each day. Because we never know when something horrible is going to happen.

Sending our prays to Japan

Type: #prayforjapan in a tweet to show your support on twitter.

We love you Japan, and those who were lost in the New Zealand quake too. Thoughts be with you.


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Cinema Vlog

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