Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Spring/Summer Mens Fashion trends: The Chino Part 2 and Primark Review

I wanted to do these looks in my original The Chino video, but I did not have these chinos then. Last week I went on a misson to find the colour chinos which are in the video (watch and find out) well there mustardy colour, because everyone has been wearing them in 6th form recently, and they are becoming a big trend. So I finally went and got some, I was going to get some in Topman, as they were back in stock on the website again, but I popped into Primark first to see if they did them in there, and they did! £20 cheaper than the topman ones at £8, and you can not tell the difference, except the Primark ones are not as skinny as I would have liked. But they were only £8, you can't bet Primark on price. I went to pay at the check out, there was no Que and no waiting because there was only a few people in the store, because it was only 9:30 in the morning. This quiteness makes a change from the hustle and bussle of the Primark Oxford Street store. I got to the till, the lady scanned the item, and then asked me for £18, I thought 'Huh?' to myself, but only handed her £10. She then said 'It's £18', and I went 'No, look...' pointing at the till display, she went 'Oh! Sorry, early morning', and then charged me the correct amount. I'm not complaining, still cheap as chips, and I saved £20. What to buy next?

Coming Up soon: Marks and Spencers Mens Fragrance Review.


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