Thursday, 5 May 2011


I know I have not been posting blog posts that often recently. This is because I am in Year 13, in 6th Form, and its exam time, so my time has been devoted to revision, not that I really need to 'pass' my exams, due to have an unconditional offer for the uni that I want/ am going to in September, but I still want to do well in these exams. Anyway, my last exam is on the 20th June, so after this date I will be able to update, this blog and my youtube on a far more regular basis, since I will practiaclly have nothing to do between then and Septermber!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to upload a video onto my youtube channel. This will be a vog from Monday and Tuesday, about Bicester Village, with a few clips from the 'trip'. I have tried to upload this video about 4 times, the first time it falled when it got to the end, as I was using Windows Live Movie Maker thingy, and it failed or something. But, I tried to upload today, but the uploading was going to take 5 HOURS, and just simply did not have enough time to devote 5 hours for upload.

So tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to upload this, because I have a 5 hour window, where I will be doing revision whilst I upload.

So, sorry about the lake of posts, I will be updating soon!

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