Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Another Random Vlog

Outfit of the Day 30/08/2011

Helping me through my cold!

I have a cold.

Such Fun (Miranda reference)

I know I have done a video about my top tips for hayfever, link to my youtube channel where you will find that video. LINK HERE
My I have rediscovered this product:
Taken from my Blackberry, quality surprisingly good!
This product lets me breathe! I can't remember if I said in the video that this wasn't as good as another Vick Sinex product, but it does the trick for me at the moment! :)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cambridge Hollister Haul

On Bank Holiday Monday (August) my family decided we were going to go on a bit of a road trip, and chose the city of Cambridge to visit. We had been to the centre of Cambridge once before, where it rained, but luckily it didn't rain on this trip, rare for a bank holiday! I really like the city of Cambridge, but sorry I'm a Oxford boy at heart, and I much prefer the city of Oxford, and always route for them in the boat race, maybe its because I only like 30 minutes away from Oxford, and have grown up visiting the city all my life.

But in terms of shopping, Cambridge wins hands down on the choice available.

On Monday we went to Newmarket Road Park and Ride, where the parking is free (Something that is changing in all Oxford Park and Rides, except Thornhill, where charging will be introduced soon), the bus ticket was £2.70, if brought on the bus, but £2.40 if brought at the machine prior to boarding. But, Mum didn't have any change, typical, so we brought the ticket on the bus. The journey, just 12 minutes into the city.

We alighted at the city centre, at the bus station which is next to the new-ish Grand Arcade shopping centre, which has one of my favourite shops in, Hollister. When in Cambridge... go to Hollister?

Watch my Hollister haul to know what I brought:

I have only been in two Hollister's in my life, before Cambridge, the Westfield London store and the Milton Keynes store, but now I can add Cambridge to my list. Now I might be mistaken, but I know that the MK store has only one floor, but I'm sure the Westfield store only has one too. But I think Hollister missed an opportunity, both the MK and Westfield store could have easily been two stories. The MK store used to be a Zavvi store, and before that a Virgin Megastore, and that had a second floor.

Anywho.. the Cambridge store had a nice feature, a two story screen at the back of the store with the Huntington Beach live link, I know this in all stores, on each side of the till, where the changing rooms are, but the Cambridge store had it in the normal location, and also the screen spanning the two floors. On the Second floor, the till and the changing rooms were located, but also more clothes, and where the fragrances are located.

And a few of Cambridge:

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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Outfit of the Day 26/08/2011

Random VLog

University, not long now!


So today, its Saturday 27th August, this means its exactly one month until I go off to uni. I can't believe how quickly i has come around.  I mean, this summer has gone ridiculously fast, even though it has been a pretty long summer holiday. I haven't wasted my time, although I could have done a lot more in the time I had, and there is still a lot of stuff for me to do before I go to university, and I am even going on another mini holiday again, this time to Ireland, and thats in two weeks! I have still got to figure out what I need to take, although I have brought a lot of stuff, I just really need to sort out the clothes, books and pens and stuff I need. I should start that soon, I really don't want it to be the last week and me panicking.

But I have been keeping uptodate with my YouTube, and quite proud that I have been able to upload at least one video a day in this past week, and some days two videos.

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I really can't believe how quick this summer has gone, and I will soon be at my Uni. I will be keeping this blog updated, but I don't know how regularly I will be able to update YouTube though.

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Friday, 19 August 2011

DISAPPOINTED with Forever21 Oxfod Street.

Hopes were high as I entered the NEW Forever 21 store on Oxford Street, but to my disappointed, this store did not sport the 21Men section of the Forever 21 brand, unlike the Birmingham store. I was looking forward to seeing the section, but will have to wait for another time.