Sunday, 27 February 2011

My Need to go to Primark...

Primark have some really good stuff in at the moment. Chinos are very in this spring, and they have been in for a while, with topman leading the pack with the selling. I have a pair of Topman chinos in blue, which I have had since Octoberish, which were £28. But when I was down in Portsmouth on Wednesday, I briefly popped into Primark, where I found a pair of mustardy coloured chinos for just £7! BARGAIN, and very in for spring. But unfortunately, I had to catch a train, so I was unable to buy.

So I really need to take a trip to Primark, but unfortunately, the nearest one to me is atleast 30 minutes away, as I can not drive yet, I would be going out of my way to get there. But I really need to get there!

Primark is normally really good for on the minute treads, and cheap prices, but some of the items can be a bit iffy, and you have to get there early, before the place gets packed. And unfortunately, they do not have an online shop, which I would be happy to purchase from.

Happy Blogging


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Friday, 25 February 2011

My Wish List...

Here are some of the clothing items and products I would love to own...
Just a few things that are on my wish list today, why not tell me yours? Comment below.


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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Bicester Village Haul Video

I don't know why it wont let me see my new YouTube video, so heres a link:


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Bicester Village Review

Today I ventured out to the Outlet mall, Bicester Village, which is my 'local' outlet mall, about 30 mintues drive from where I live.

If there is one tip I give to you about Bicester Village is: GET THERE EARLY!

The place really does fill up quickly, and another tip is, that on most bank holidays the village opens and 9am rather than the usual 10am, and not many people know about that! So it is really empty.

This outlet village has a very upmarket feel about it, and most of the stores are higher end, such as Gucci, Prada, two D&G stores, two Burberry stores and Dior to name a few. There are some 'lower' price store, if you can call them that, such as Clarks, Jack Wills, Fat Face and Superdry. Bet there is store to suit everyone.

When I visited today, it was during Half Term, so this meant that a lot of the stores had extra discounts on, usually around the 10% mark.

I picked up 3 things while I was there:
  • A coat from Helly Hansen, priced at £59.99 reduced from £149
  • A t-shirt from Aubin and Wills priced at £14 reduced from £34
  • Sweatpants from Aubin and Wills priced at £29 reduced from £69
So as you can see there are some great bargins to be had!

As I have said the village gets pretty busy, so arrive early, as most of the shops get very busy, and some, like Jack Wills, you may have to que for. Also be prepared for limited food outlets, there are 3 restaurants, but they are at the higher end of high street chains, and there is also a Starbucks and a Pret.

For a full list of stores visit


Sorry there is no pictures, photography is not allowed in the centre.

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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Prezzo Review

Today I went out to eat with my mother for lunch, and we decided to go to Prezzo, because we had some Tesco Clubcard Vouchers to use.

Prezzo Restaurant
This Prezzo restaurant is very light and airy, and very spacious. There was plenty of space, and when we went in, about 12:10, there was just a couple of other 'parties' inside, we were immediately greeted by a Waiter, who showed us to a table, and gave us the menu. He then left, and a waitress then asked us if we were ready to order our drinks, I had a Coke, and my mother had an Appletiser. A few minutes later a Waiter came to take our order, I chose to have a Margarita pizza (how boring!), and my mum had a new 'lite bite', which was a mini pizza with salad. We also ordered a side dish of Chips. Our order was taken by a different Waiter to the one who greeted us.

Our food came fairly quickly, but the side order of Chips came a few minutes after the main dishes. The food was very good, and what we expected from a good high street chain restaurant. Turing eating our meal, the original Waiter asked if 'everything was okay?'. A yes we said it was thank you.

After we had finished our main meals, we thought that we would like desert, but it took 5 to 10 minutes before our plates were taken, and asked if we would like to see the desert menu, this was by the original Waiter that greeted and seated us. (you keeping up? lol). We both ordered a desert, I had a selection of ice cream. After I fished the desert, I needed to use the toilet facilities. In this Prezzo, there was 3 toilets, one disabled, and the other 2 were a single cubical, unisex. These were very dark, with only one spotlight lighting up the room, which I found a little too dark.

After using the toilet, I went back to our table, and found that the desert plates had been taken, but my mum forgot to ask about the bill. My mum eventually had to ask the second Waiter, who looked like the manager for the bill. We paid then let, feeling quite full.

Overall the food and service was good at the restaurant, except that we had in total 3 different Waiter's and waitresses and the dark toilet facilities. Other than that the restaurant was clean and airy, and a pleasant experience, and recommendable. I have dined two other Prezzos, and found the same level of food and service. Near the end of our meal, the restaurant was very busy, and noisy, with parties being turned away.


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Monday, 21 February 2011


I've just made a Youtube channel!

How sexy ;) lol.

The content will be the same as the blog, but with hauls and fashion tips too

An old video up of when I had an old YouTube channel, of Autumn Mens Fashion

Why not have a look?

A new video will be up on Friday of my Bicester Village Haul

Happy blogging


Specsavers Review

Today I went for an eye test at my local Specsavers. My appointment was at 9:10, but they said to be there at 9. I arrived a little earlier, so the store wasn't open yet, so I had to walk around town a bit, because, well of course it was raining. When I entered the store, I walked up to the reception, in the spacious store, to be greeted by assistant number one (you will see where this is going later) she took my name, and directed me to the waiting area. After a very short wait, I was called and the assistant had to check my details, and then we were ready to start the first part of the eye test, but we had to wait, because the machine was being used by another member of staff and another customer. So she told me to wait again, for a few minutes.

Specsavers Store 
The first test incorporates to test your eyes, by looking into a screen, and focusing on a balloon. After this test was over I was taken upstairs to the where the test rooms were by the optician (assistant number two), where she took me straight into a room, which was free. The eye test was good, and she asked the right questions, and did the right tests to make sure that I got the right prescription. She also tested my eyes to make sure they were healthy.

She then took me down stairs, to meet sales assistant number three, where he took me through the glasses that I could pick out the right ones to suit me. Because I am stick in full time education and 'just' under 18, I was eligible for the NHS voucher.
I chose these glasses by Red or Dead, the frames would only cost £10.

After I picked my glasses, I was told to wait in the second waiting area 'where my colleague will serve you'. So another assistant change, yay. After a short wait, assistant number four, took me through the extras that I would need, such as lens thingy. After this short talk, he then measured my head to make sure the glasses will fit. We then had to go back to the other waiting area, to talk about then I could go and pick the glasses up. After this was decided, it was time to pay, so we went back to the reception till where I paid, and then left the store.

Overall I feel that the service that I received today at Specsavers was good, especially in the way that they test your eyes, with the 'pre-test' before the main test. I do feel that I had to speak to way too many assistants during my time in the store. I would have liked to just had one optician and one assistant see me, and the store had too many assistants just not doing anything.


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O2 (high street store) review and Compared to online

I was only able to quickly go into my local O2 store today, because I was in a rush. Again, y local store is a small store, which means that the section and services that it offers is limited compared to the online site.

When I entered, the store was empty, with only two sales assistants standing at the desk, and had not even notice me enter the store. I quickly went over to the phones, which were clearly laid out, but did not seem to be in any particular order, and there was limited choice.

In the amount of phones on offer, the website wins hands down, with a much larger selection of phones, and can easily be compared. In store you can see 'hands on' how the phones feel, but they are not real phones, so you can not really 'try before you buy', which would be a very good feature. In terms of service, today there was none in store, and when I have visited in the past, the service has not been much better. While on the website, there is a large section devoted to customer service.
O2 Store
In store, the service should be a lot better than on the website, but today when I visited, the service was no existent, and the sales assistants were too busy with their chat to come see how I was doing and if I needed more help, especially in this sector, which can be very difficult to understand.


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HMV (high street) Review

I went to my local HMV today, looking for a new racing game for my Wii, with strong intentions to buy, because I had to gift cards, with a total of £20. My local HMV is a very small store, with limited amounts of stock, so I was not expecting much. For all the time in the store, I was not approached by any members of staff while I was in the store, as they were far to busy stocking shelves or something. One member of staff was just walking around.

HMV Store

In my local store there was not a wide section of games for the Wii, and I found no racing games. There was a limited amount of New Wii games, with a bigger stock of 'pre-owned' games. I will not be going back to my local store to purchase a Wii game, because of the size of section, so I will wait till I go to a bigger store. There are  good deals on these pre-owned games, at may at £10, bargain! for a game these days, especially if it is a new release. 

As I was going to use a Gift Card, I was disappointed to learn that you cannot use the Gift Cards online. I feel that this is a big downfall, because the HMV website is a large part of the business.

But if you are looking for video games in my town, you really wouldn't look in HMV, only if you had a Gift Card. You would go to Game opposite, which has a much larger section of games.


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Friday, 18 February 2011

Things to review?

 I need some things to review...

Next week I will be going out shopping on Monday, eating out at Prezzo on Tuesday, maybe going shopping in Portsmouth on Wednesday, and going to Bicester Village on Thursday.

This means that next week I will have lots of reviews up. Things to look forward to:
  • Specsavers Review (Customer Service)
  • HMV high street store review.
  • O2 high street store review, compared to online.
  • Prezzo Restaurant review
  • Bicester Village review
  • Bicester Village Haul Video!
Please go and tell your friends about this blog, because were going big! Lets make a change for the better for customer service, you deserve to be heard!


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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Product Review: 4Head

This product is ok, but for me it doesn't really releave me of my headache. Once you apply this product it has a very tingly, fresh feeling on your head, which feels quite soothing, and I like this a lot. But for me the 2 times that I have used the product, the 'sensations' when I applied the product were not strong enough to relieve me of my headache. I would have liked the product to be a little stronger.

This is a good product, I would not say it is the best, but for me it does not really achieve what it sets out, it does act fast, the product starts to work instantly, but it just does not relieve me of my headache. Although said this, it may work better for you.
  You can buy this product at pharmacys and superstores. I found it at Boots for £4.10.

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Monday, 14 February 2011

Product Review: Ted Baker Hair and Body Wash

I really like the scent of this body wash and I really like the way how quickly it lathers up making it very easy to distribut around your body, making for an intense clean. The scent of this body wash is very fresh and fruity, but still feels mascline. Along with the body wash, you can buy the body spray, which compliements the same fragrance, and lasts all day long.

The only thing I have found wrong with this product is that the bottle that I have, leaks from the top, becuase of the way that you get the product out of the bottle. I recently brought a new bottle, and it has new way to access the product, which may solve this problem.

The only place I could find that stocked these products in the UK, was Boots, at a very resonable price.


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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Product Review: Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection Fragrances

These are more higher end fragrances than the Adidas Ice Dive I just reviewed. I picked up the tester size set from Boots at Christmas, which cost £28. I thought this was a bit pricy, but the normal size fragrances are £35 for a 75ml bottle, which are thought wasnt too bad.

In the box you recieve 4, 15ml bottles of the 4 different fragrances. This is a great present, especially if your buying for someone who your not familiar with, or you don't know what smells they like. This way they can find out which is their favourite.

Each of the fragrances is set out by number, so from 1 to 4. 1 is suppost to be the most popular, and 4 the least. I can see why this is, I feel that number one has a fresher smell.
Number 1 is the more 'sporty' scent and is a fresh clean scent.
Number 2 is the 'seductive' scent and this has a spicy feel to it.
Number 3 is the 'adventurous' scent, this is fresher than number 2, but stronger than number 1.
Number 4 is the 'stylish' scent, which has a woody fruity smell.

At first when I opened this, I felt that all of these smells were very over powering. But over the weeks I have grown to like them, I think I prefer, number 1 and 2 the best, but they are all good for their own ocasions.

These fragrances last much longer than the cheaper Adidas fragrance, and I would expect them too, for the price difference! I feel that this gift set is a good purchase, as it allows you to try out each scent, to see which one is your favourite and the scents last for a long time, both wearing and in the bottle. I think I would purchase one of the scents on its own in the future.

I could not find anywhere, except the Ralph Lauren website where you could purchase the 15mil tester gift set. But you can find the bigger 75ml bottles in stores like Boots and House of Fraser

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Product Review: Adidas Ice Dive Cologne Spray

I really like the sent of this cologne, it has a very 'fresh' feel to it. I can see why the scent is called 'Ice Dive', it does make me think of ice when you spritz it, and it has a very mascline scent. This cologne, does not last very long, maybe if your lucky, 3 hours, but come times I can not smell it anymore, even just after I have sprayed. The amount of it also does not last very long, in 2010, I wore it every day, as I got it for Christmas in 2009. And the 50ml bottle only lasted me to mid-summer, whereas some colognes and fragrances of a 30ml bottle can last a year. Very Disappointing.

I do really like this scent, and the bottle design is very appealing. But it is such a shame that it does not last very long.

A good selling point of this product, is it's price. It is very cheap. Before Christmas, Wilkinsons was selling the Adidas Ice Dive Trio set, which included the cologne, shower gel and deodorant for under £5.

You can find this product at, where it is reasonably priced.


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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Hollister (UK Online) Review

Rating: 9/10


The layout of this website is easy to use. On the first page, you are not overwhelmed by links and images, there is just one simple image on the front page, with 4 links at the top of the page. There are two links on the left at the top which will take you either to the 'Dudes' or 'Bettys' sections, in normal terms, men's and women's. This instantly tells you that this site is aimed at teens and young adults with the language that is used, and also the half naked picture of a man on the front page. There is then 6 clear links at the bottom of the page, for customer service. I really like how easy to use this site is. Once clicked on either Dudes or Bettys, a menu for your section on the left hand side will appear, where clothing is split into sections depending on what type of clothing it is, for example Tops and Bottoms. Once clicked on what area you have chosen, this is then split up into more headings, from which you can browse Hoodies or Graphic Tees, for example. This then splits up into one last section, depending on which type you are looking for, for example with Graphic Tees, it splits up into Long or Short Sleeve. I also like how prominent the logo is through the site, appearing on the menus, this shows how brand lead the company is.


I really like this site, ad how user friendly and how clearly laid out it is, making it usable for everyone. One the front page you are not hit but offers and links, and the site is clearly laid out so that you can quickly buy. There are a few downsides, if you are ordering from the UK, it is very pricey for shipping, upwards of £20, and increases as you buy more. I do not like how you can not get onto the American site, where the clothing is cheaper. The site can also take longer to load because of the graphics. Overall for accessibility and user-friendlyness, this site scores top marks. One let down is the cost of shipping.


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Friday, 11 February 2011

Your Turn?

Tell me about your good or bad shopping experiences online or instore.

I would love to hear them!

So why no leave a comment?

Lets make a difference to our shopping experience..


O2 online Review

Rating: 6/10


I find that the layout of the O2 site very jumbled and confusing. There are just too many links and things to click on, and can get very confusing. This is why I perosnally find mobile phone store website are very intence, with so much information to take in, and those who may not be as technologically advanced, it can be very daungting. There are 4 clear headings that set the site out into sections, where you can 'explore' or 'shop', and go to the 'support' section and 'my O2'. I feel that it is great that O2 offer such an extensive support section,with helpful links for all kinds of problems. As you go down to the bottom of the home page, it sort of repeats itself with the same links, which I do not feel are neccessary. Also on the shop section, I feel that there are a lot of options to buy and phone, which for novices can be a bit overwhelming.


I feel that the site can be confusing, but the support section is very good, especially if you have a particuallar problem. I feel the 'Shop' section of the site needs to be far less complicated, with just a few heading, maybe on the type of phone, or just simply pay and go and contract.


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Saturday, 5 February 2011

BAD experiences (Argos and Comet)

Today I purchased a Vivitar Pocket HD Camcorder from Argos, for £59.99, with a half price case at £7 something. I went onto the website, to see what the availability was like in my nearest store. I saw that there was only one left in my local Argos, so I quickly thought to myself, I better reserve that! (I reserved the product on Friday, the day before)

So this morning (Saturday), I went down pretty early, just as doors opened, best to beat the rush, and the retail park that my Argos is located gets pretty hectic at the weekends! So I went in, paid in the quick pay section, and was out in five minutes, there was only one other person in the store. If you buy with Argos, I recommend the quick pay methods in the store, as it saves on que time.

So I came home and opened the product, and installed the necessary software onto my computer, and let it the camcorder charge.

Once the product was charged, I got a tripod that I had already got, and set it up to 'play' with. I switched it on, set it up, then went to record a tester video. Then something went wrong. The camcorder would only let me video for 3 seconds, and the then it would start back at 0. I kept doing this, so if you were going to record a long video, it would be broken up into a thousand pieces, with gaps!

I noticed that the receipt that I had got with my purchase, said that the product was excluded from the 30 day refund policy. I then looked in the catalogue, and found that all the camcorders in Argos were under the same policy.

But I ventured back to the store, by this time it was 3pm, the retail park was packed! This is why I hate going to my local town on a weekend! I found a parking space, luckily near Argos, and then trekked into the store.

This is where Argos gains a few marks. I went to the customer service desk, and the woman was really polite. I explained the problem that I had with the camcorder, and she gave me a full refund, no questions asked. RESULT!

This left me thinking, had this product already been returned to the store? Because,before I had finished telling her that it would only let me record for 3 seconds... she said " and then loops back again" hmmmn...

I have found this problem with Argos in the past, where I have brought products, and the don't work, or that when you open the product, it has already been tampered with. For example, a food blender that I had purchased.

So I left the Argos store, and ventured into Comet, which was next door to see what deals they had. I was in there for at least 15 minutes, at not one sales assistant came up to me and asked if I needed any help. In fact, I don't remember seeing any, to ask then if I could purchase a product.

I am always a bit funny about Argos, just because I know that some return items are resold. I have had some good experiences, for example I have brought 2 Televisions and a DVD player from the store, and they are fine!

Hope this helped anyone!


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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Body Shop (Online) Review

Rating: 8/10


The Body Shop site is clearly laid out, with clear sections that it is split up into. Along the top of the page there are two key menus. The top menu tells you more about the company, with links about the company's home party service, where you can find a store, details about the company's reward card, more about the company's values and campaigns which the company is very pationate about and the basis of the company's overal vision, and the final link is 'the lounge', where the company shares its beauty tips and reviews.
The next menu is for shopping on the site, with links and drop down menus to each product section that the company offers. I do find the this menu a little bit distracting, becuase one you hover over each section the drop down menu automatically appears, which holds offer. I would find it better if these drop down menus just showed the different products in the range, and the offers were just displayed when you click on the clinks.
The home page is a little distracting at first, but you do get used to it. I found it a bit cluttered, but there are some useful links, and it shows some campaigns that they are supporting, which really shows the value of the company.


I love the way that The Body Shop displays its values about animal testing and really pushes the campaigns and efforts of the company, which is how the company differentiates and its key selling point, and this is why I think this company is so popular and profitable. I also really like how customers can review on every product on the sites, this way you can really get feedback on the product if you are unsure about the product. From personal exsperience, I have aways had a positive experience from The Body Shop, a definatly will still be purchasing from the store. Although I have not purchased online, I am tempted, as the site also offers free delievery, which is a bonus.


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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mary Portas -Secret Shopper

This has been a really good series. I have loved every series that Mary has done.

She is the inspiration for this blog.

I have been reading Mary's Shop! section in the Telegraph Magazine, every Saturday. She always tells exactly how it is, and is never afraid to speak her mind, this I love. She is completely focused on the customer, and the service that the customer will receive when they choose to shop in the shop that she is reviewing.

In this blog I will be going to stores on the High Street and also reviewing online store and websites.

I hope you will come with me on my journey on reviewing shops and online stores, and I hope you will share your views, as I would love to here your experiences in the comments.