Monday, 14 February 2011

Product Review: Ted Baker Hair and Body Wash

I really like the scent of this body wash and I really like the way how quickly it lathers up making it very easy to distribut around your body, making for an intense clean. The scent of this body wash is very fresh and fruity, but still feels mascline. Along with the body wash, you can buy the body spray, which compliements the same fragrance, and lasts all day long.

The only thing I have found wrong with this product is that the bottle that I have, leaks from the top, becuase of the way that you get the product out of the bottle. I recently brought a new bottle, and it has new way to access the product, which may solve this problem.

The only place I could find that stocked these products in the UK, was Boots, at a very resonable price.


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  1. Hello secret shopper I just happened to bump into this blog through google. I am looking up this same product color and all as it was gifted to me from a relative living in UK. And I really like the fragrance smell of this body spray and was wondering if by chance there is a real cologne available with this same scent? Any ideas or thoughts? I seen a long list of variety of mens fragrances so wanted to know if there's a cologne that matches this exact color and body spray (ex:the green one)

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