Sunday, 13 February 2011

Product Review: Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection Fragrances

These are more higher end fragrances than the Adidas Ice Dive I just reviewed. I picked up the tester size set from Boots at Christmas, which cost £28. I thought this was a bit pricy, but the normal size fragrances are £35 for a 75ml bottle, which are thought wasnt too bad.

In the box you recieve 4, 15ml bottles of the 4 different fragrances. This is a great present, especially if your buying for someone who your not familiar with, or you don't know what smells they like. This way they can find out which is their favourite.

Each of the fragrances is set out by number, so from 1 to 4. 1 is suppost to be the most popular, and 4 the least. I can see why this is, I feel that number one has a fresher smell.
Number 1 is the more 'sporty' scent and is a fresh clean scent.
Number 2 is the 'seductive' scent and this has a spicy feel to it.
Number 3 is the 'adventurous' scent, this is fresher than number 2, but stronger than number 1.
Number 4 is the 'stylish' scent, which has a woody fruity smell.

At first when I opened this, I felt that all of these smells were very over powering. But over the weeks I have grown to like them, I think I prefer, number 1 and 2 the best, but they are all good for their own ocasions.

These fragrances last much longer than the cheaper Adidas fragrance, and I would expect them too, for the price difference! I feel that this gift set is a good purchase, as it allows you to try out each scent, to see which one is your favourite and the scents last for a long time, both wearing and in the bottle. I think I would purchase one of the scents on its own in the future.

I could not find anywhere, except the Ralph Lauren website where you could purchase the 15mil tester gift set. But you can find the bigger 75ml bottles in stores like Boots and House of Fraser

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