Monday, 21 February 2011

HMV (high street) Review

I went to my local HMV today, looking for a new racing game for my Wii, with strong intentions to buy, because I had to gift cards, with a total of £20. My local HMV is a very small store, with limited amounts of stock, so I was not expecting much. For all the time in the store, I was not approached by any members of staff while I was in the store, as they were far to busy stocking shelves or something. One member of staff was just walking around.

HMV Store

In my local store there was not a wide section of games for the Wii, and I found no racing games. There was a limited amount of New Wii games, with a bigger stock of 'pre-owned' games. I will not be going back to my local store to purchase a Wii game, because of the size of section, so I will wait till I go to a bigger store. There are  good deals on these pre-owned games, at may at £10, bargain! for a game these days, especially if it is a new release. 

As I was going to use a Gift Card, I was disappointed to learn that you cannot use the Gift Cards online. I feel that this is a big downfall, because the HMV website is a large part of the business.

But if you are looking for video games in my town, you really wouldn't look in HMV, only if you had a Gift Card. You would go to Game opposite, which has a much larger section of games.


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