Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Product Review: 4Head

This product is ok, but for me it doesn't really releave me of my headache. Once you apply this product it has a very tingly, fresh feeling on your head, which feels quite soothing, and I like this a lot. But for me the 2 times that I have used the product, the 'sensations' when I applied the product were not strong enough to relieve me of my headache. I would have liked the product to be a little stronger.

This is a good product, I would not say it is the best, but for me it does not really achieve what it sets out, it does act fast, the product starts to work instantly, but it just does not relieve me of my headache. Although said this, it may work better for you.
  You can buy this product at pharmacys and superstores. I found it at Boots for £4.10.

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