Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Body Shop (Online) Review

Rating: 8/10


The Body Shop site is clearly laid out, with clear sections that it is split up into. Along the top of the page there are two key menus. The top menu tells you more about the company, with links about the company's home party service, where you can find a store, details about the company's reward card, more about the company's values and campaigns which the company is very pationate about and the basis of the company's overal vision, and the final link is 'the lounge', where the company shares its beauty tips and reviews.
The next menu is for shopping on the site, with links and drop down menus to each product section that the company offers. I do find the this menu a little bit distracting, becuase one you hover over each section the drop down menu automatically appears, which holds offer. I would find it better if these drop down menus just showed the different products in the range, and the offers were just displayed when you click on the clinks.
The home page is a little distracting at first, but you do get used to it. I found it a bit cluttered, but there are some useful links, and it shows some campaigns that they are supporting, which really shows the value of the company.


I love the way that The Body Shop displays its values about animal testing and really pushes the campaigns and efforts of the company, which is how the company differentiates and its key selling point, and this is why I think this company is so popular and profitable. I also really like how customers can review on every product on the sites, this way you can really get feedback on the product if you are unsure about the product. From personal exsperience, I have aways had a positive experience from The Body Shop, a definatly will still be purchasing from the store. Although I have not purchased online, I am tempted, as the site also offers free delievery, which is a bonus.


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