Monday, 21 February 2011

O2 (high street store) review and Compared to online

I was only able to quickly go into my local O2 store today, because I was in a rush. Again, y local store is a small store, which means that the section and services that it offers is limited compared to the online site.

When I entered, the store was empty, with only two sales assistants standing at the desk, and had not even notice me enter the store. I quickly went over to the phones, which were clearly laid out, but did not seem to be in any particular order, and there was limited choice.

In the amount of phones on offer, the website wins hands down, with a much larger selection of phones, and can easily be compared. In store you can see 'hands on' how the phones feel, but they are not real phones, so you can not really 'try before you buy', which would be a very good feature. In terms of service, today there was none in store, and when I have visited in the past, the service has not been much better. While on the website, there is a large section devoted to customer service.
O2 Store
In store, the service should be a lot better than on the website, but today when I visited, the service was no existent, and the sales assistants were too busy with their chat to come see how I was doing and if I needed more help, especially in this sector, which can be very difficult to understand.


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