Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Prezzo Review

Today I went out to eat with my mother for lunch, and we decided to go to Prezzo, because we had some Tesco Clubcard Vouchers to use.

Prezzo Restaurant
This Prezzo restaurant is very light and airy, and very spacious. There was plenty of space, and when we went in, about 12:10, there was just a couple of other 'parties' inside, we were immediately greeted by a Waiter, who showed us to a table, and gave us the menu. He then left, and a waitress then asked us if we were ready to order our drinks, I had a Coke, and my mother had an Appletiser. A few minutes later a Waiter came to take our order, I chose to have a Margarita pizza (how boring!), and my mum had a new 'lite bite', which was a mini pizza with salad. We also ordered a side dish of Chips. Our order was taken by a different Waiter to the one who greeted us.

Our food came fairly quickly, but the side order of Chips came a few minutes after the main dishes. The food was very good, and what we expected from a good high street chain restaurant. Turing eating our meal, the original Waiter asked if 'everything was okay?'. A yes we said it was thank you.

After we had finished our main meals, we thought that we would like desert, but it took 5 to 10 minutes before our plates were taken, and asked if we would like to see the desert menu, this was by the original Waiter that greeted and seated us. (you keeping up? lol). We both ordered a desert, I had a selection of ice cream. After I fished the desert, I needed to use the toilet facilities. In this Prezzo, there was 3 toilets, one disabled, and the other 2 were a single cubical, unisex. These were very dark, with only one spotlight lighting up the room, which I found a little too dark.

After using the toilet, I went back to our table, and found that the desert plates had been taken, but my mum forgot to ask about the bill. My mum eventually had to ask the second Waiter, who looked like the manager for the bill. We paid then let, feeling quite full.

Overall the food and service was good at the restaurant, except that we had in total 3 different Waiter's and waitresses and the dark toilet facilities. Other than that the restaurant was clean and airy, and a pleasant experience, and recommendable. I have dined two other Prezzos, and found the same level of food and service. Near the end of our meal, the restaurant was very busy, and noisy, with parties being turned away.


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  1. That's quite strange, having three waiters for one table. I've been to one or two Prezzo London branches and have been served by one waitron during my stay. That said maybe they were quiet and only had one waiter and a coupl managers/senior staff and were just rotating to cever the whole restaurant...

  2. Yeah it was quite strange, but I do love the pizza that Prezzo do, and I think it is miles better than Pizza Express, in both taste and experience. I went to a Pizza Express near Harrods, and it was so dirty and the tiles were falling off!
    Prezzo is a much better experience overall.
    Thanks for the Comment Greg