Saturday, 12 February 2011

Hollister (UK Online) Review

Rating: 9/10


The layout of this website is easy to use. On the first page, you are not overwhelmed by links and images, there is just one simple image on the front page, with 4 links at the top of the page. There are two links on the left at the top which will take you either to the 'Dudes' or 'Bettys' sections, in normal terms, men's and women's. This instantly tells you that this site is aimed at teens and young adults with the language that is used, and also the half naked picture of a man on the front page. There is then 6 clear links at the bottom of the page, for customer service. I really like how easy to use this site is. Once clicked on either Dudes or Bettys, a menu for your section on the left hand side will appear, where clothing is split into sections depending on what type of clothing it is, for example Tops and Bottoms. Once clicked on what area you have chosen, this is then split up into more headings, from which you can browse Hoodies or Graphic Tees, for example. This then splits up into one last section, depending on which type you are looking for, for example with Graphic Tees, it splits up into Long or Short Sleeve. I also like how prominent the logo is through the site, appearing on the menus, this shows how brand lead the company is.


I really like this site, ad how user friendly and how clearly laid out it is, making it usable for everyone. One the front page you are not hit but offers and links, and the site is clearly laid out so that you can quickly buy. There are a few downsides, if you are ordering from the UK, it is very pricey for shipping, upwards of £20, and increases as you buy more. I do not like how you can not get onto the American site, where the clothing is cheaper. The site can also take longer to load because of the graphics. Overall for accessibility and user-friendlyness, this site scores top marks. One let down is the cost of shipping.


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