Saturday, 5 February 2011

BAD experiences (Argos and Comet)

Today I purchased a Vivitar Pocket HD Camcorder from Argos, for £59.99, with a half price case at £7 something. I went onto the website, to see what the availability was like in my nearest store. I saw that there was only one left in my local Argos, so I quickly thought to myself, I better reserve that! (I reserved the product on Friday, the day before)

So this morning (Saturday), I went down pretty early, just as doors opened, best to beat the rush, and the retail park that my Argos is located gets pretty hectic at the weekends! So I went in, paid in the quick pay section, and was out in five minutes, there was only one other person in the store. If you buy with Argos, I recommend the quick pay methods in the store, as it saves on que time.

So I came home and opened the product, and installed the necessary software onto my computer, and let it the camcorder charge.

Once the product was charged, I got a tripod that I had already got, and set it up to 'play' with. I switched it on, set it up, then went to record a tester video. Then something went wrong. The camcorder would only let me video for 3 seconds, and the then it would start back at 0. I kept doing this, so if you were going to record a long video, it would be broken up into a thousand pieces, with gaps!

I noticed that the receipt that I had got with my purchase, said that the product was excluded from the 30 day refund policy. I then looked in the catalogue, and found that all the camcorders in Argos were under the same policy.

But I ventured back to the store, by this time it was 3pm, the retail park was packed! This is why I hate going to my local town on a weekend! I found a parking space, luckily near Argos, and then trekked into the store.

This is where Argos gains a few marks. I went to the customer service desk, and the woman was really polite. I explained the problem that I had with the camcorder, and she gave me a full refund, no questions asked. RESULT!

This left me thinking, had this product already been returned to the store? Because,before I had finished telling her that it would only let me record for 3 seconds... she said " and then loops back again" hmmmn...

I have found this problem with Argos in the past, where I have brought products, and the don't work, or that when you open the product, it has already been tampered with. For example, a food blender that I had purchased.

So I left the Argos store, and ventured into Comet, which was next door to see what deals they had. I was in there for at least 15 minutes, at not one sales assistant came up to me and asked if I needed any help. In fact, I don't remember seeing any, to ask then if I could purchase a product.

I am always a bit funny about Argos, just because I know that some return items are resold. I have had some good experiences, for example I have brought 2 Televisions and a DVD player from the store, and they are fine!

Hope this helped anyone!


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