Sunday, 13 February 2011

Product Review: Adidas Ice Dive Cologne Spray

I really like the sent of this cologne, it has a very 'fresh' feel to it. I can see why the scent is called 'Ice Dive', it does make me think of ice when you spritz it, and it has a very mascline scent. This cologne, does not last very long, maybe if your lucky, 3 hours, but come times I can not smell it anymore, even just after I have sprayed. The amount of it also does not last very long, in 2010, I wore it every day, as I got it for Christmas in 2009. And the 50ml bottle only lasted me to mid-summer, whereas some colognes and fragrances of a 30ml bottle can last a year. Very Disappointing.

I do really like this scent, and the bottle design is very appealing. But it is such a shame that it does not last very long.

A good selling point of this product, is it's price. It is very cheap. Before Christmas, Wilkinsons was selling the Adidas Ice Dive Trio set, which included the cologne, shower gel and deodorant for under £5.

You can find this product at, where it is reasonably priced.


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