Monday, 21 February 2011

Specsavers Review

Today I went for an eye test at my local Specsavers. My appointment was at 9:10, but they said to be there at 9. I arrived a little earlier, so the store wasn't open yet, so I had to walk around town a bit, because, well of course it was raining. When I entered the store, I walked up to the reception, in the spacious store, to be greeted by assistant number one (you will see where this is going later) she took my name, and directed me to the waiting area. After a very short wait, I was called and the assistant had to check my details, and then we were ready to start the first part of the eye test, but we had to wait, because the machine was being used by another member of staff and another customer. So she told me to wait again, for a few minutes.

Specsavers Store 
The first test incorporates to test your eyes, by looking into a screen, and focusing on a balloon. After this test was over I was taken upstairs to the where the test rooms were by the optician (assistant number two), where she took me straight into a room, which was free. The eye test was good, and she asked the right questions, and did the right tests to make sure that I got the right prescription. She also tested my eyes to make sure they were healthy.

She then took me down stairs, to meet sales assistant number three, where he took me through the glasses that I could pick out the right ones to suit me. Because I am stick in full time education and 'just' under 18, I was eligible for the NHS voucher.
I chose these glasses by Red or Dead, the frames would only cost £10.

After I picked my glasses, I was told to wait in the second waiting area 'where my colleague will serve you'. So another assistant change, yay. After a short wait, assistant number four, took me through the extras that I would need, such as lens thingy. After this short talk, he then measured my head to make sure the glasses will fit. We then had to go back to the other waiting area, to talk about then I could go and pick the glasses up. After this was decided, it was time to pay, so we went back to the reception till where I paid, and then left the store.

Overall I feel that the service that I received today at Specsavers was good, especially in the way that they test your eyes, with the 'pre-test' before the main test. I do feel that I had to speak to way too many assistants during my time in the store. I would have liked to just had one optician and one assistant see me, and the store had too many assistants just not doing anything.


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