Friday, 11 February 2011

O2 online Review

Rating: 6/10


I find that the layout of the O2 site very jumbled and confusing. There are just too many links and things to click on, and can get very confusing. This is why I perosnally find mobile phone store website are very intence, with so much information to take in, and those who may not be as technologically advanced, it can be very daungting. There are 4 clear headings that set the site out into sections, where you can 'explore' or 'shop', and go to the 'support' section and 'my O2'. I feel that it is great that O2 offer such an extensive support section,with helpful links for all kinds of problems. As you go down to the bottom of the home page, it sort of repeats itself with the same links, which I do not feel are neccessary. Also on the shop section, I feel that there are a lot of options to buy and phone, which for novices can be a bit overwhelming.


I feel that the site can be confusing, but the support section is very good, especially if you have a particuallar problem. I feel the 'Shop' section of the site needs to be far less complicated, with just a few heading, maybe on the type of phone, or just simply pay and go and contract.


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