Saturday, 25 June 2011

Marks and Spencer's Mens Fragrance Review - Aqua and Blue Energy

A few months ago, I think it was two, before my mini break (read about my mini break and why I was gone for so long here), I went to my local Marks and Spencer, as I was on the hunt for some cheap mens fragrances as I did not want to run out of my Ralph Lauren mini collection ones, which I wrote about in an earlier blog post and also I was nearly out of my Adiddas Ice Dive fragrance. So I went upstairs to the Mens section, where I saw that they had a buy one get one free offer on! I thought great! But, then when I went to the till to pay, because I thought I would get two, if they are on offer, the lady said that the offer was only on other mens body care products, such as shower gels. I went to the stand, and looked at the fine print, and saw that it said 'excludes mens fragrances'. Gutted. But these were cheap fragrances, each only £6 for 30ml, and I think it was only £10 for 100ml on that day, but I am not sure anymore, it may be £20.

The two fragrances that I liked the best was Aqua and Blue Energy, which I brought! :)
Marks and Spencer Aqua

 Marks and Spencer Blue Energy

As you can tell, by looking at the pictures, I prefer the smell of Aqua compaired to Blue Energy. You expect Aqua to have a watery smell, and to me that is what Aqua smells like, very clean and water, exactly what I expected to get from the fragrance. Blue Energy at first was repulsive to me, but now I have grown to like it, I still prefer Aqua. Blue Energy is a very sharpe smelling fragrance.

If you are just starting out your fragrance collection and do not want to spend much money on fragrances to begin with, I recommed the Marks and Spencer fragrances, there are more that just these two. You can buy these in any Marks and Spencer store, and even in some Marks and Spencer Simply Food stores and online.


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