Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I am BACK!

Hey Hey!

I am back, after a "brief" break from blogging, due to exams and the stress! I have now finished my A2 exams, and have 3 months between now and university, so expect to see a lot more videos and blog posts!

I am just here to say WELCOME BACK! I am just about to post a new blog about some fragrances that I picked up from Marks and Spencers! I know M&S! And I uploaded a video, which you can watch here. I also tried to upload a video today about hayfever relief, but that failed, after a 3 hour upload! Sad Face.

If you have read this, please follow me, on my blog, twitter and youtube, otherwise I may have to come and get you! ;) only joking.

Happy Blogging..shh

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