Thursday, 17 March 2011

Jack Wills Online Review

I am a complete addict to Jack Wills, love love LOVE the store! If you don't know what Jack Wills is, where have you been! Well basically, its the UK's Abercrombie and Fitch, but with a British twist, and a few less heavily branded pieces, and a smaller collection of clothes. They do both mens and womens clothing, but also do home and stationery.

I love the fact, when you first open the site onto the home page, a video, the size of the page starts to play, with this seasons clothes. When I went onto the site, it was Easter 2011. I also love the little touches Jack Wills does, to make their shopping a little more special. For example, you sign up for a free catalogue, what they call a "Handbook", which comes out every season, with about 5-6 handbooks a year. I am waiting for my Easter 2011 right now!

The site is very easy to navigate around, with three clear sections, Ladies, Gentlemen and Homewears. Each of these are set out into different sections, for example, t-shirts and outerwear, very easy to navigate. on each of these, they have 'Get the look', which shows you how to put pieces together to create a good look.

I love shopping with Jack Wills, although, I have never shopped online, but I have brought clothes instore, from the Bicester Outlet store, the Marlow store and the store in London Soho ad in the old Floral Street store, which is now the sister brand, Aubin and Wills, which is a bit older, but I have also brought clothes from them. My favourite store is the new Soho store, which is a bit different to the others, its more modern.

Jack Wills always has sales, every season, this maybe a more affordable way to shop Jack Wills, because they can be quite pricey, for what they are. And if I am honest, I do not feel the quality of the clothes is a good as Hollister or Abercrombie.

But overall, I love the Jack Wills style, although the price points are a bit high.




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