Sunday, 6 March 2011

What was in the mail?

Guess what I recieved yesterday?

Yes! MY coat came!

That was certainly fast! and much quicker that I expected it to be, thumbs up for fast shipping! And as I had not recieved an email telling me if my item had be dispatched, it was a surprise!

I was not in at the time when the package came, so I am unable to tell you the courier and the service that was offered by them.

The coat same packaged, but riped at the top, but otherwise sealed. The coat fitted really well, and was thin, but I wanted a thin coat, becuase the coat I have at the moment, is very thick! The tags were still on the coat, which probably ment it came from the Birmingham Store.

I was very impressed by the quick shipping that Forever 21 offfered, and the quality and the price (although reduced) of the product. I was dissapointed that I did not recieve an email telling me that my item had been dispached like some other websites do, e.g. HMV. But all in all a good experience

Read more about this purchase in my last blog post.


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