Saturday, 12 March 2011

HMV ordering online, its top dog!

Today, I ordered a few things for my brother birthday from HMV online. I always use the HMV site to order things for my brother, whether it be Birthday or Christmas, it is just a great quick and easy site to order from, especially if you have used it before.

I do find the HMV homepage to be a bit cluttered, as there is so many deals and adverts all on the page, but it is great if your are browsing or you know exactly what you want to buy. I knew what I wanted to get, so I used the search bar, which is great, because like Google does, it predicts what its thinks you mean, saving time. Once you have seen what you want to buy, there is a quick one step add to your basket button, so you don't even have to click on the item to add it to your basket. Great!

I found everything I wanted to order for my brothers Birthday, and went to checkout. This is where you can quickly shop, if you are a returning customers, because the site holds all the data that you have previously used, so it is basically one click, type in your security code on the back of your credit/debit card, and then hit order! Easy as one, two, three!

Top Dog to HMV for quick ordering!

And the best bit is that ordering for HMV, they have free delivery, in the UK, and it the UK, they come by Royal Mail. And the things that I have ordered are small enough to fit through the post box, as they come individually, so no nasty, 'Sorry, you were out' slips!

I love using HMV, it is so quick and easy.


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