Friday, 4 March 2011

Coat Ordered, Forever 21!

Yesterday I did a small bit of online shopping from Forever 21! We have had a Forever 21 in the UK for some time now in Brum, and there soon will be one in the Westfield in Stratford City and on Oxford Street in the smaller of the HMV's. And if you are in the UK, and don't know what Forever 21 is, well, its the USA's equivalent of Primark, but when it opened in Birmingham, the price points were higher than what the clothes usually sell for the US, which put me of buying from the store, if the quality of the clothes from You Tube reviews is to believed, not the best apparently, but we will see when my order comes through.

So I ordered a new winter coat from the mens section, in the Sale! At a great price, of £15.25, originally £50.80! bargin or what?! I would have not paid the original price, if the quality is the same as Primark though, but we will see. The cost of the packaging and shipping came to £3 something for standard, which made the total £19.19. Still not bad!

I will give you an update of how long it takes for the item to come, but as of yet the item has not been dispatched. I will be giving a review of the coat when I receive it, of the quality and whether it would have been worth the £50.80!


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