Friday, 11 March 2011

Japanese Earthquake

Watching the Japanese Earthquake today, really puts it in to perspective how fragile our life is on this earth, and how sudden things can change. We have now had tow major earthquakes in the past few weeks, this is a sad time, with so many innocent lives being lost.
The Japanese earthquake was 8.9 magnitude, and was under the sea, out to the east of the Northern part of Japan. This meant that the quake also triggered a tsunami. Thankfully, the tsunami did die down when it hit Hawaii, but who knows what could happen.

We should treasure every minute on this Earth, and try to live our lives to our maximum potential, and treasure each day. Because we never know when something horrible is going to happen.

Sending our prays to Japan

Type: #prayforjapan in a tweet to show your support on twitter.

We love you Japan, and those who were lost in the New Zealand quake too. Thoughts be with you.


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