Thursday, 1 September 2011

Caffe Nero Vs Costa

Which one do you think I like best?

Well today confirmed my view.

As I was in town, which has 4 Costas,and One Caffe Nero. I decided I was a "Iced Cooler" as they call it in Costa, but as today is the 1st of Septmeber, Costa no longer offer this drink, as it was for the summer. So I decided to stroll down to Caffe Nero to see what they had on offer, because I wanted a fruit drink.

But the "Fruit Boosters", what Nero call there fruit based drink, are a little different to the Costa verson. One, you have to take the drink out of the fridge thing, and take it to the till, where the Barista will mix it for you. Where as Costa will make you the drink, with no effort involved.

Two, the Nero Fruit Boosters, I think, are more yogurty (yeah, I make up words), even though they are dairy free, but they taste yogurt based, with a much weeker taste. And Costas are more tangy and with a little bit more of a kick. Much prefered.

As you can see from my opinion, out of the two, Nero Vs Costa, I much prefer Costas answer to the fruit ice drink. I also like the Eat verson of the drink, but my town doesn't have an Eat, but I have had that drink twice at Edinburgh Airport and in London (Near Abercrombie). Eat and Costa are on par.

But, Pret wins hands down for its Hot Chocolate, but thats another story. And I will be getting into Hot Chocolate more as Autumn and Winter approach.

Shh...Happy Blogging.

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