Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nivea for Men Shaving Foam

Well, Hello!

Since I first dabbled in shaving foam/ cream a few months ago, I know, I didn't use it before, I surrender! I have been on the look out for a new one to try, since my first love, Red Herring's Shaving Cream is nearing the end of its life, plus I was off, back to uni. So a few weeks ago I popped into Boots to see the selection they offered. I never knew these kinds of things were so pricey! So, as you do, I selected the cheapest, which happened to be by Nivea for Men. A range which I had never tried before, which is no surprise, as I'm not really one for skincare.
So enough of the background, onto the product. In Boots this retails for £2.99, but as sods law would have it, a trip later that day to my local Wilko's saw they had it for just £1, typical. This actually did annoy me somewhat. But still, not a bad price point considering the alternatives and considering its size, 200ml, pretty hefty

I rather like the packaging too, clean and fresh, everything that the Nivea brand stands for, with out being too 'look at me'.
The product, a lot does 'squirt' out with just one pump (see picture 3), enough for two rounds I would say. So this reads to some wastage. Not sure if this is just a fault with my product though, as my pump was quite stiff and some force had to be used. The product allows you to glide along with the razor with little or no irritation. But, I would say it isn't the closest of shaves.

All in all, the product is good for what it does, but having said this, I have only tried two shaving foams. Although there is quite a bit of product wastage, I would recommend  having a wurl, and for a pound in Wilkos, why not?

Adios amigos!

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