Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Body Shop SALE!

I am a lover of The Body Shop, and it is a great place to by gift for birthdays, or really anything! Since its my Mum's Birthday in a few weeks, she hinted, if ever so slightly, The Body Shop had a sale on. This meant that she would like some stuff from there for her Birthday. A son can always read his mothers signs!

The Body Shop always have GREAT sales. And my Mum is partial to their 'Shower Gels', which she uses as bubble baths, and they work just the same!

The deal I went for was to get three shower gels for £8, and considering they are normally £4 each, you are basically getting one free! DEAL DONE!

I chose the scents, Satsuma, Morigna and Strawberry. Of which Morigna is my Mum's favourite, and Satsuma is mine!
And because the ethics of The Body Shop is truely outstanding, it is a place that we have shopped in for years, and will continue to shop in for many to come!

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