Friday, 11 May 2012

Two songs that I can't stop playing!

Oh hey, long time no post!

Very very quick post, as I just wanted to share two of my favourite songs of the moment.

So here you gogo... Primadonna (Marina and the Diamonds) and Where we used to run (Landon Austin).

They are both quite different songs, Primandonna, in my eyes, is quite techo (I am no good at classifying music in genres), where Where we used to run is more focused on the guitar.

I was OBSESSED with Marina's first album, when I was first hooked by Hollywood, then Oh No! and I am not a Robot. But having said that, Primadonna is now my favourite song of hers.

I was first introduced to Landon Austin by the YouTuber Missglammorazi. She used the song, of which now I'm hooked on, Where we used to run as a backing track for her video montage of her trip to New York.

Decided for youself if you like them here, by watching their videos:
What are you favourite songs of the momento?

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