Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Where have I been?

There hasn't been a blog post on here for quite some time...

And I will tell you for why...

One. I have been at uni! Doing uni stuff, and the work is horrific :( But its alright really.

Two. Ive been consentrating on my youtube channel, which I also havent posted on in 2 weeks, but this blog hasn't been updated since September or so.

So I will add some pictures to make this post more interesting and fun...

I do not know when my blog will be updated again, I may get back into it in the summer, but for now I am always tweet tweeting on twitter and you youtubing on youtube. So why not drop me a line and follow me and subscribe on there! We will have a blast! ;)

Bad editing I know, note to self- Must try harder!
Thank you!
I forgot how nice blogging was! :O

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